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bob goddard

“there must be something to acupuncture-you never see any sick porcupines."

By inserting small needles into specific points on the body, animal acupuncture can help fight pain and change circulation within the body helping to treat many internal animal illnesses including:


  • arthritis          

  • ligament strains and tears        

  • intervertebral disc disease          

  • back and neck pain        

  • asthma          

  • kidney disease

  • incontinence          

  • seizures          

  • liver disease          

  • urinary tract infections         

  • diarrhea        

  • constipation

  • vomiting

  • allergies            

  • heart disease        

  • lethargy/fatigue          

  • poor immune system        

  • cancer

chinese herbs

much virtue in herbs, little in men.”

benjamin franklin

The use of Chinese herbs, in conjunction with veterinary acupuncture or on their own, can have a profound effect on moving blood around the body to help fight illness in our pets. These classic formulas have been used by practitioners for thousands of years making them well-studied, safe and effective. Herbs can be given daily with food in capsule, tablet or powder form and are a powerful alternative medicine tool in treating your pet and restoring their body to a balanced state.


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