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nutritional therapy

julia child

“if you're afraid of butter, use cream.”

You are what you eat.  The same is true for animals.  Unfortunately many of us are guilty of feeding our pets biologically inappropriate diets that are overly processed. By making changes to our pet’s food and gradually switching them over to a more nutritious, less processed diet, we can see countless health benefits including weight loss, decreased sensitivity to allergens, resolution of chronic digestive disorders and easier management of endocrine disorders such as diabetes.


Taking pet nutrition a step further and employing the concept of food energetics, we can tailor a pet’s diet to their constitution from a Chinese perspective in addition to the time of year/season, both of which can influence our body’s ability to process food. The Chinese have been eating this way for years to maximize the healing effects of food and maintain balance in the body.




physical rehabilitation


"if your dog is fat, you're not getting enough exercise."

Through a combination of various modalities, we can address the orthopedic (dog arthritis, hip dysplasia, canine cruciate ligament tears) and neurologic (canine disc disease and hind end weakness) concerns of your pet and help decrease their pain while improving their gait. Some of these modalities can include:


  • cold laser therapy

  • assisi targeted pulsed electromagnetic field therapy

  • transcutneous electrical nerve stimulation (tens)

  • neuromuscular electrostimulation (nmes)

  • exercise and massage

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